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Letter: The VA must take better care of the veterans it serves

The VA must take better care of the veterans it serves

How many times are we going to keep saying this? I am a Vietnam veteran with a few health issues. As we all get older these health issues creep into our lives. This is expected. As a Vietnam veteran I am aware of the issues that Agent Orange may play in my life, also. This is always in the back of my mind.

As a 19-year-old I joined the Marine Corps and didn’t think twice about serving in ’nam as our country was deeply involved in this controversial conflict. I served overseas, and, thankfully, returned home safely. Little did I realize, the rocket and mortar attacks that I survived were far less detrimental to my well-being than what our government rained from the skies on the military personnel below.

Thankfully I have good health care in my retirement and don’t have to rely on the VA hospital for my health needs. But many other veterans are not as fortunate as I am and must rely on the VA.

With old age creeping up on all Vietnam veterans and Agent Orange claiming more lives every day, the VA and our government officials must do a better job caring for all veterans.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca

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