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Letter: Buffalo’s primary election carries high stakes for WNY

Buffalo’s primary election carries high stakes for WNY

After recently spending an enjoyable and somewhat profitable afternoon across the border at the Fort Erie racetrack, I got to thinking about the upcoming Democratic mayoral primary in my hometown of Buffalo. The stakes in this election are high since what happens in the City of Buffalo impacts all of Western New York.

In this feature race we must consider the odds of favorite “Downtown” Byron Brown, “Southside” Mark Schroeder and Betty Jean “Grassroots” (not to be confused with that political organization) Grant.

“Downtown” Brown can rightfully claim some of the credit for Buffalo’s rebirth even though a lot of the groundwork for the downtown renaissance was laid down by the previous city administrations of Anthony Masiello and Jim Griffin. Yes, things tend to move slowly around here. Both “Southside” Mark and “Grassroots” Grant are passionate about restoring the city’s neglected neighborhoods and rightly critical of “Downtown” Brown’s lack of commitment to neighborhoods, and his favoring downtown development instead. A case in point is the mayor’s recent stance on the proposed new Amtrak station at the Central Terminal.

So out of these seasoned contenders we have two who are committed for change and one that represents the status quo. My hunch is that the contenders for change will split the vote and the favorite will win. Therefore, my money is on “Downtown” Brown to win, “Southside” Mark to place, and “Grassroots” Grant to show.

I must admit that this is one race I wouldn’t mind being in the wrong.

Daniel Glowacki


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