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The Onion scores with fake news about troubled Bills fan

There's fake news and then there's fake news that might be fake, but sure sounds like it could be real.

This comes courtesy of humor magazine/satire site The Onion under the headline "Diehard 8-Year-Old Buffalo Bills Fan Showing Early Signs Of Masochism."

The story — which is a joke — is about a pretend fan named Cody Brenner.

But in a way, maybe it's a story about all of us.

From the "story":

“A year ago we identified the first stages of his condition, and it’s been absolutely devastating as a parent to see our little boy struggling with something like this,” said the boy’s mother Julia, noting with sadness that the little boy’s self-flagellation includes watching the entirety of every Bills preseason game, regularly checking their official team Twitter page, and, in perhaps the most tragic and definitive confirmation of his disorder, recently purchasing a Tyrod Taylor poster to proudly display in his bedroom."

Read the whole thing. It's hilarious.

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