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Letter: Turn efforts from the 198 over to Humboldt Parkway

Turn efforts from the 198 over to Humboldt Parkway

If the Route 198 proposed project is rejected by the Olmsted Park Group and withdrawn by the state Department of Transportation, I’d like to know if the same federal funds can be converted to some kind of restoration to what used to be Humboldt Parkway. Such as removing one lane on either side to allow for more frontage to the homes and new vegetation on either side of the expressway.

I wasn’t old enough to vocalize about the changes made to the parkway, but it had to be a bad deal for the neighborhood. It was disgusting how the parkway was turned into a concrete canyon. My grandfather had his tailor shop on West Delavan near the corner of Humboldt and I have vague memories of the tall trees running down both sides of the parkway.

Why wasn’t the Kensington Expressway terminated at Main Street instead of disturbing the community? Certainly the impact of the expressway on Humboldt Parkway outweighs the impact of the Scajaquada in Delaware Park.

If the state was willing to put money into redesigning Route 198 why not Humboldt Parkway, to lessen the appearance of the concrete canyon? Is it possible to make adjustments to the roadway and concrete walls without causing havoc on the flow of traffic?

Judy Catalano


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