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Letter: Trump is a danger to our country and democracy

Trump is a danger to our country and democracy

Enough is enough. Really, it’s just too much. When are Republicans going to accept the mind-numbing truth? Their Republican president, Donald J. Trump, has proven he is not rational, not patriotic and the most absolutely divisive president in history.

His erratic and dangerous behavior and comments puts the entire country in jeopardy. In one of his all-too-regular irrational moments, his index finger can precipitate the annihilation of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people.

Trump has disgraced the presidency and is endangering all Americans and the world. The longer he stays, the more damage will be done to America. I hope Robert Mueller finds and reveals some actionable evidence that can hasten Trump’s inevitable impeachment.

In the meantime, Republicans need to put our country over their party priorities and display a modicum of courage. To not stand up against this unqualified president will link them to his terrible legacy. The whole world is watching and waiting for America to end its nightmare.

Josef Ferri


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