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Letter: Why can’t Buffalo improve its streets?

Why can’t Buffalo improve its streets?

Driving down to the Hatch for an ice cream cone and a sunset with my wife, several things occurred to me. Why are roads like Washington, Swan, Ellicott, etc., such a minefield of potholes even though it seems they recently have been repaired? Why are the manhole and sewer covers, which happen to lie just about exactly where the passenger side tires roll, so recessed as to be as bad as any March pothole? They’re the kind of holes that literally make you say, “Ouch!” as you hit them. It is summer time, isn’t it?

And why is it that only the “express” roads into and out of the city, Elm and Oak, are equipped with wonderfully timed stoplights? Can’t the city extend the concept to other streets? For a city borne of transportation, we sure have issues with it – Peace Bridge, Skyway, Scajaquada, subway

Finally, I’ve lived in Buffalo for 54 years and if someone asked me for directions to the Hatch, I’d probably answer, “Just keep driving toward the sun and eventually you’ll find it. And don’t get on any Thruway on-ramps or you may end up on Grand Island.” Is it all really that difficult?

Paul Steffan


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