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Letter: Trump needs no help in ruining presidency

Trump needs no help in ruining presidency

I take issue with the letter from a woman accusing the Democrats of “trying to ruin the president.” She twice refers to Hillary Clinton as the “Democrat who …” – apparently unable to utter her name. I understand. I cannot say “Trump” and “president” in the same sentence.

The writer says Trump was elected by the people. That is wrong. The Electoral College elected him. The popular vote was 3 million in favor of Clinton.

The writer accuses the Democrats of jealousy. That is also wrong. I am in no way jealous of Trump; I am fearful of his policies to delegitimize and disenfranchise the most vulnerable in our society.

She said she was tired of being lied to. Well, since January, I’m appalled by the volume and seriousness of the lies coming from this administration. Denying climate change. Demonizing refugees. Attempting to take away health care. Supporting coal over renewables. Russia.

The most stunning statement is that Democrats are trying to “ruin the president.” We don’t need to. He’s doing a great job of that all by himself.

Marcia Brown


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