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Letter: Trump knows nothing about country’s history

Trump knows nothing about country’s history

For President Trump to brag about how much more he has accomplished compared with past presidents is laughable and shows he knows nothing about history.

Maybe he never heard of FDR and the Great Depression, or World War II, little things like that. Or Harry Truman having to make the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan and end the war, killing thousands, or firing Gen. Douglas MacArthur for insubordination, or pushing the Marshall Plan to save a starving and war-torn Europe from being overrun by Communists.

How about JFK and the Cuban missile crisis, or President George H.W. Bush, who put together a coalition including Arab countries to punish Saddam Hussein? There are so many other examples of past presidents who made decisions with worldwide implications that Trump never even thinks about. He is a self-promoter who has yet to prove he has the wisdom or courage to make tough decisions.

Don Grosso


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