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Letter: Scajaquada speed must be addressed

Scajaquada speed must be addressed

My wife and I decided to have dinner at Hotel Henry, the old mental hospital in Buffalo. Leaving Tonawanda, we took the I-290 to the I-190 to the Scajaquada Expressway, which of course, is no longer an expressway. The speed limit on this multilane highway is now 30 mph, due to an accident in which a little boy was killed.

Now I understand completely the rationale for imposing this speed limit, and, though it feels like you are crawling along, it is no slower than the speed limit on city streets. It sure feels like it, though.

However, the reason for this letter is not to complain about the speed limit, but about the lack of enforcement of said speed limit. I set the cruise control at 33, and watched in amazement at the cars streaming past us, and the looks we were given at our impudence at actually obeying the speed limit. There is a speed check machine near the Elmwood overpass that clocked us at 31, and the next car at 48.

If the city is going to enact a 30 mph speed limit on the Scajaquada, it should also be responsible for ensuring that the speed limit is enforced. I believe that this speed limit is spurious, not necessary and should be readdressed to reflect the configuration of this roadway, and the proper use thereof.

David R. Battaglia


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