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Letter: Buffalo teachers need to stop complaining

Buffalo teachers need to stop complaining

The News recently published a letter from a teacher at Waterfront Elementary, “Schools making progress but much work remains.” The writer stated what’s needed are “more school resource officers, counselors and caregivers,” but “unfortunately, financial constraints always enter the picture when implementing programs in our city.”

There would not have been any financial constraints if the teachers union would not have accepted a 14 percent pay increase over three years in exchange for teachers adding 25 minutes to their workday, which still guarantees them the shortest workday of any school in Erie County.

Also an amazing amount of money could have been used educating children as opposed to wasting it in having Carl Paladino removed from the School Board. With the high school dropout rate around 50 percent in Buffalo, the money should have been spent on cameras in each classroom monitoring teacher performance. Abolish the teacher safety net of tenure to make it easy to fire teachers who don’t want to teach.

I’m sure the principal at Waterfront Elementary is overworked and does an amazing, thankless job for the students and doesn’t complain. I’d like to see the teachers step up and do more to earn their generous pay raise and stop complaining.

Joe Cyran


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