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Letter: Trump’s message is clear in wake of Charlottesville

Trump’s message is clear in wake of Charlottesville

People who accuse President Trump of being tone-deaf because of his vague condemnation of “hatred, bigotry and violence by many sides” are being willfully ignorant. He knew exactly what he was doing. Trump was pandering to that percentage of his base that harbors white supremacist sentiments. The alt-right media and their spokesmen are crowing about the tepid response that Trump gave to the violent demonstration, seeing it as tacit support for their point of view. There were many white supremacist protesters wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. This should have appalled Trump.

It is time for him to clearly disavow the aims of neo-Nazis, KKK members and other white supremacist offshoots and eschew both their support and their campaign contributions. Refusing to repudiate their hateful message is a clear message of its own.

Larry Finkelstein

East Amherst

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