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Letter: Trump must rein in civil service workers

Trump must rein in civil service workers

President Trump has finally been able to fire or punish for misconduct hundreds of Veterans Affairs employees. Trump is out to challenge the premise that if you are a federal employee, you are protected no matter what you do, regardless of your job performance. These employees feel they have no risk of being fired.

Trump has stated that ever-expanding government is a big threat to our way of life. Federal bureaucrats pump out regulations that invade our lives and stifle economic growth. Anyone tangled in government red tape trying to get a permit to build a house or start a business knows how big government saps the human spirit.

Trump has ordered that all federal departments eliminate two regulators for every one they add and he has eliminated 15 laws from the Obama era. It is not right that unelected bureaucrats try to tell us how to live.

Trump will eliminate all the federal employees who are attempting to thwart his presidency. Don’t overlook the fact that 95 percent of contributions from federal employees went to Hillary Clinton in the last election.

We need civil service reform. Public sector unions are an arm of the Democratic Party. Look what was recently uncovered about post office employees campaigning for Clinton. Trump must curb the power that civil servants have over our lives.

John Orlowski


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