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Letter: Time to ditch Twitter, think before speaking

Time to ditch Twitter, think before speaking

We all are guilty of venting our initial thoughts, opinions and frustrations. These are usually knee-jerk reactions to a certain situation. This is what President Trump does with his tweets and we certainly can relate to those initial thoughts. This is how he won the presidency. He expressed thoughts we ourselves had.

However, when we vent with our friends, we usually realize that things are complicated and though our first reactions are valid, it’s not easy to come up with a solution. After our initial anger, we might even see things differently.

It’s not right for the president to publicly vent his immediate reactions. That’s what his Cabinet and advisers are for. If he wants to use Twitter, it should be after discussion with those he trusts. He should offer his explanations and solutions to the problem or incident. This is what FDR and JFK accomplished with fireside and rocking chair chats. Knee-jerk reactions are not productive or acceptable! Venting by the man representing the whole nation is not a privilege the president should exploit.

Marsha Berst

West Seneca

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