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Letter: President needs to stop embracing our enemies

President needs to stop embracing our enemies

I don’t know if I could rank the most notorious enemies in our history, but surely Nazis, the Confederate States of America and Russia rank near the top of the list. Two out of three of these enemies, of course, have been essentially vanquished by the good old USA. The third, Russia, is much weaker than it once was but remains powerful, while maintaining a deeply troubling human rights record.

I don’t know if we can “make America great again.” I don’t know if America was greater at some point in the past. We’ve always been a wonderful and deeply troubled country at the same time. Some think there was a golden age – fine.

Imagine stepping back in time to 1950 or 1870 and having a conversation with a U.S. veteran of a recent war. Imagine telling that veteran that our president counts amongst his strong supporters people who throw fascist salutes and wave the Stars and Bars, or that this president’s children, who were also members of his campaign staff, were at least eager to collude with the Russians to win the election (though it’s not clear if they were successful). How would that conversation go?

Don Duggan-Haas


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