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Letter: Freedom of speech applies to everyone

Freedom of speech applies to everyone

I was swimming at the Lovejoy pool the other morning and talking with two friends about Al Gore’s new movie. President Trump’s name came up and someone, not part of our conversation, stated that she would not stand for us talking the way we were about “her” president. I offered to have her join the conversation, but she would have none of that and got nasty.

Our country stands for freedom of speech! People who try to impinge on that freedom are pushing fascism. I will not stand for that. Democracy depends on various viewpoints being discussed with an open mind.

In that same spirit, I feel it is wrong to remove old statues merely because someone finds them offensive. This politically correct concept is used to make some of us feel like we are walking on eggshells. I will never be politically correct. Freedom means letting the person you disagree with have freedom, too!

Joseph Allen


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