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Letter: Confederate flag, KKK are an affront to the U.S.

Confederate flag, KKK are an affront to the U.S.

President Trump’s advisers need to provide him with a crash course in American and European history.

The issue in Charlottesville, Va., was not some cultural clash of historical preservationists protecting war memorials. We will thankfully never return to slavery; the ownership of one human being by another is abhorrent. Segregation was basically a punishment to freed blacks to keep them from participation in society. It’s been a long, slow process to move forward and there is no turning back.

The KKK is not some community organization promoting a difference of opinion. Its members are vigilantes who terrorized and murdered blacks starting with the Reconstruction era and continuing their harassment to include assaults on white freedom riders during the push for desegregation and voting rights.

The Confederate flag represents the secessionist states that attacked a U.S. federal facility at Fort Sumter, triggering the Civil War. (An attack against the United States.) Nazi Germany used mass annihilation, killing millions for “ethnic cleansing” during World War II. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists support this philosophy. These groups used the dismantling of a statue to promote their “culture” of supremacy. The counter-demonstrators were showing that America still believes in the just cause of equality for all citizens.

Helen M. Shoff

West Seneca

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