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Letter: Americans are living in a banana republic

Americans are living in a banana republic

The U.S. is slipping away from democracy and here are just four examples, among many, of how Big Money is running wild and unchecked:

Hillary Clinton takes over $1 million (that we know of) from Goldman Sachs during her campaign but loses the election and we end up with five Goldman Sachs retreads in President Trump’s Cabinet anyway.

All banks and corporations are now using forced arbitration in their end-user license agreements to ensure that they can play fast and loose with your account but you can’t take them to court, either individually or in a class-action suit.

The omnibus spending bill of 2014 states that union members and their retirees can vote on pension cuts, but even if the result is “no cut” the Treasury and Labor Departments can override their vote.

A poll found that 52 percent of Republicans would support canceling the 2020 elections if Trump proposed it.

Look around – your legal rights and your vote are slipping away. We are now living in a banana republic and no one seems to give a hoot.

Phil Parshall


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