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Letter: Roadside memorials should be removed

Roadside memorials should be removed

A gentle rant: I wish people would reconsider placing shrines along the side of the road for their friends or loved ones who were killed in that spot. I can understand if a shrine is allowed for a day or two, but then it should be removed.

I know that there are drunken drivers who take lives. I don’t need to be reminded repeatedly. I find it to be morbid and depressing to pass by a shrine on a daily basis. We have cemeteries where we can mourn or remember those who have been taken from us.

There was a shrine for months near Dairy Queen on Broadway in Depew, where a poor girl was killed by a driver. Here you are with your family, trying to enjoy some ice cream, and you’re reminded about that accident. It is so sad what happened there.

Or what about the kids who were drag racing on Transit Road and hit a pole in front of Anderson’s? That shrine in my neighborhood was there for years.

There’s also a shrine on Bowen Road that I have to drive by on my way to church every Sunday. There are also many others. I feel bad for whoever is keeping those tragedies alive.

If I were to perish in a car accident, I would not want my family to place any kind of shrine like that at the place where it happened. I would want them to come to the cemetery whenever they wanted to and to think happy thoughts and remember me for the person I was to them, and not dwell on how or where I passed.

I realize it is a tender topic and not everyone will agree with how I feel. Each person mourns in a different way. It’s just something to think about and talk to your families about – if you would or would not like that to be done.

Allison R. Scanlon


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