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Letter: Blame judges, not the police, for criminals’ ‘revolving door’

Blame judges, not the police, for criminals’ ‘revolving door’

Rod Watson’s Aug. 10 column on the “revolving door” for criminals and the community shined light where it is much needed. He noted that there is mutual blaming among police, judiciary and prosecutors as to why dangerous criminals are back on the street and often do further harm and violence.

My view is we need to stop blaming the police. The responsibility for protecting communities within our American system of justice should be mandated upon city and county district attorney’s offices and the already very well paid and too often self exalted judiciary.

The “case management” role of DA staff should be so thoroughly conscientious of the highest standard for every single crime that is brought to justice. And if more staff and resources are needed to accomplish this vital mission, then so be it. A culture of safety and justice in every community nationwide could be within society’s grasp.

And the judiciary might re-evaluate its role in this process. Judges must give up the status quo thinking and processes they perpetuate. I shudder to think what would happen if our physicians were as complacent as our judges have become. Get out of the robes and off of your benches and get to the hard work that justice for all in our troubled society in the 21st Century desperately needs.

David Casassa


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