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Wegmans steps up for 1,500 first responders in Charlottesville

Workers at a Wegmans in Charlottesville, Va., dropped everything Saturday to feed first responders after a bloody clash between white supremacists and counter protesters a few miles away.

A post on the Metro Richmond Fire Incidents page Sunday described the events that lead to the store's feeding 1,500 members of law enforcement, National Guard and Virginia State Police troopers.

If you google "Wegmans founder" the image that comes back says "Never think about yourself, always help others"...

Posted by Metro Richmond Fire Incidents on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Over the next 24 hours, during what the original poster said was "the greatest logistical challenge I've had yet," two of the store's managers set aside their work and set about cooking for the first responders.

"They fired up all their ovens, called in extra bakers, and even emptied their freezers to cook boxed pizza for us when they ran out of dough," the post reads. "The night manager stayed till 1 a.m., the opening manager had carts lined up for us with breakfast, sorted by delivery location. The store practically refused to take a payment until we told them we wouldn't leave until they did."

It was all done "amidst absolute chaos and with no advanced notice," the post said. "It culminated this morning with 500 Virginia State Police troopers walking into their staging location, bereft with grief, yet so thankful to see a 20-foot-long counter lined with breakfast."

Wegmans headquarters confirmed the good deed and said it was pleased with the actions of the Charlottesville store managers.

"Our Charlottesville employees brought two of our values to life: empowerment and making a difference in the community, and we couldn’t be prouder," said Jo Natale, a Wegmans spokesperson.

The Charlottesville clash left one person dead and more than two dozen others injured. Two police troopers, sent to keep watch over the protests, were also killed when their helicopter crashed.

"No matter what evil events take place in the world, there will always be acts of service and kindness that rise up and triumph over it," the Metro Richmond Fire Incidents post read.




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