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Letter: Why must we tip at fair to receive toilet paper?

Why must we tip at fair to receive toilet paper?

I attended a concert Sunday night at the Erie County Fair. I used the ladies room and found an attendant sitting on a chair handing out a few pieces of toilet paper to each woman as she came in to use the facilities. First of all, the bathroom is in need of repair and a really good cleaning. Secondly, when two of us checked, all the toilet paper rolls had been removed from all of the stalls. Why?

Who would think we would have to tip an attendant to get a few sheets of toilet paper? The whole situation is ridiculous. It was insulting and frankly laughable to think that after paying for parking and a concert ticket that we would be expected to tip a young girl to get a basic need that should be supplied in a public bathroom. Can you spare a square? I am totally disgusted with this whole situation.

Mary Munley-May


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