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Letter: Paladino is clearly right about board’s ties to BTF

Paladino is clearly right about board’s ties to BTF

Many Buffalonians have, like me, followed the political career of Carl Paladino over the years – particularly in the context of his candidacy for governor, and have come to routinely dismiss him as a rich crank. And so, I ultimately, yet regretfully, did nothing about his July 30 Viewpoints article.

It wasn’t until I read Board of Education President Barbara Seals Nevergold’s rebuttal in Viewpoints on Aug. 6 that I realized Paladino was entirely correct when he warned Buffalo taxpayers of an unsavory (and to my mind illegal) relationship between the board majority and the Buffalo Teachers Federation.

Though Paladino doesn’t touch on it, the contract with the BTF takes teachers’ word for it that there can be no correlation between a teacher’s job performance and any child’s test scores. Worse, the BTF takes the view that there is no way to quantify what a teacher does – so that quality (or lack of it) could not be determined in justifying teacher compensation packages.

While many believe that Paladino being right about anything is the first sign of the impending apocalypse, Nevergold’s article displays her penchant for distraction (i.e., that a teacher’s compensation package and the buddy-relationship between the board and the teachers’ union can somehow reduce school violence) and intimidation (i.e., if you are against the board, you must be against the children) to make a point that cannot, in truth, be made.

Michael Miano


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