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Letter: Democrats have to stop trying to ruin president

Democrats have to stop trying to ruin president

It is with anger and disgust that I read about a special prosecutor attempting to ruin our president, who was voted by the people to be our leader. The jealousy by the Democrats is so great that they care nothing about the lies they are spreading in the hope that they can prevaricate “by hook or crook” to take away what we the people wanted.

President Trump has been straightforward in winning the vote and getting this country back to being “of the people, by the people and for the people.” We were tired of being fooled, lied to and cheated.

The Democrat who attempted to delude the public is still trying hard to have her way by searching for problems. In our history, we have never had perfect presidents, except perhaps George Washington, our first leader.

We in America are not liars, crooks and so ignorant that we will allow the “honest” liars to take away that which we chose. Let us be just and not allow the losers, who were not chosen by “we the people,” to annihilate the man who we chose to be our leader!

The Democrat who wanted the presidency lost and cannot accept the truth. It was not enough for her to be in the White House for eight years. She desires to demolish the person who won the job. People, beware and stand up for the person you wanted, not the person who wants to do anything to aggrandize herself with any falsehood that she can produce.

Ursula A. Falk, Ph.D.


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