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Letter: Attempt to slow traffic affects city side streets

Attempt to slow traffic affects city side streets

The mayor really wants the traffic in Buffalo to slow down. He wants to put speed bumps in. We already have them – they are inverted and are called potholes.

Of course, we wouldn’t need them if the traffic was mainly on the primary streets. I was surprised to find out that all of the streets that have been restriped have been the mayor’s doing. Each time he has a street restriped, like Hertel Avenue, it causes traffic jams and the traffic finds its way to the side streets. People put up signs begging, “please drive like your children live here” and “please drive like your pets live here.”

Another unwanted side effect of the congested city streets is that the buses run late. Buses can’t go down side streets so they have to sit in traffic. A recent article stated that there’s been a decrease in ridership. Could this be because of the late arrival of the buses?

Another unwanted side effect of this congestion is air pollution. I understand that it would be much better for our city if we rode our bikes or took the bus, but this is not the way to do it. Our streets do not need to be narrowed. This is an unnecessary evil. Please find out which candidates are for and against this plan. The primary election is Sept. 12. Please vote!

Debra Wesp


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