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Letter: Trump is leading U.S. down a terrifying path

Trump is leading U.S. down a terrifying path

Why are people still willing to deflect the horror that is President Trump? Six months into the Republican agenda, we have witnessed the cruelty of its health care plans, the destruction of protections for the environment, attacks on meals for the elderly and children and the ramping up of a “military only” posture in the world. Trump is alienating our allies while rubbing elbows and bowing to the prime example on how not to govern, Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator.

That Trump supporters are ignoring these truths and still backing this incapable, scary, unstable man who is under federal investigation shows the truth of the matter. When the brain makes a decision, it has a tendency to stay with that decision, even if proven wrong.

The problem with this is North Korea. Now its raving lunatic and our raving lunatic are trying to compare missiles. The outcome? Millions dead. This ideological fight is turning deadly, and if you believe that bluster can solve this, you are betting other people’s lives, unless you have someone in this fight.

The bottom line? Did you vote for a man to do nothing but blow up the world? Did you vote to kill your only planet, starve seniors and kids and watch people die for lack of medicine? It is time to actually see what Trump is and what he and his ilk are trying to do to line their pockets, as they destroy the rest with their arrogance and stupidity.

Teresa Lukasik


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