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Letter: Trump is debasing nation’s best ideals

Trump is debasing nation’s best ideals

Political commentators refer to President Trump’s supporters as his “base.” There is no doubt that he appeals to a significant portion of the American electorate, though he did not win the popular vote.

It occurs to me to say, sadly, given my belief in the dignity of the office, that Trump is guilty of using “base” (morally low) language; and, in doing so, he debases (sad!) the many good citizens who voted for him in the belief that he would improve the quality of their lives.

America’s best ideals – the foundation of our republic, its base and foundation – are given clear and eloquent expression in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to say nothing of the Federalist Papers, Gettysburg Address and JFK’s inaugural speech.

We make a mistake as citizens if we believe that the president’s base public statements do not represent an assault upon our democracy in which, for it to survive, civil speech must prevail.

Trump should invite a distinguished poet to join his Cabinet. There are quite a few in Buffalo!

Howard R. Wolf


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