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Letter: DOT ought to bury Scajaquada parkway

DOT ought to bury Scajaquada parkway

The Olmsted Parks Conservancy had the right idea, but predictably the Department of Transportation was still thinking how to improve the Scajaquada parkway. Sadly, I think both plans, while having merit, were way too constrained.

The best solution from my perspective is to bury the parkway and bridge Delaware Avenue to span the buried parkway. The DOT is probably right there would be too much traffic for an intersection. To get an unobstructed park crossing of Delaware would only require a pedestrian bridge, and the parkway and Delaware intersection would be at least as good as it is now if not a bit better. The DOT could do this with a cut-and-cover construction, avoiding expensive tunneling. They could start at Main Street.

This would provide excellent traffic flow through the park with little or no impact on the park. It would require bridges for Delaware, the pedestrian overpass and Parkside Avenue. But it would actually restore the park. It would have the further advantage of not needing snow plowing and could easily allow future completion of the old Humboldt Parkway using the same idea of covering the Route 33 Expressway and replanting the parkway.

I’m not sure if this was considered, but if it was it really needs to be explored in more detail. Why spend all that money and not get a significant benefit? Why not get the park restored properly?

Charles Zernentsch


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