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New foods to try at the Erie County Fair

More than 500 food options from 125 different vendors will be available the 178th Erie County Fair. Many of them will be dipped in batter, submerged in hot oil and cooked to a golden-brown finish.

But variety is the spice of life, and many of the new options available at the Hamburg Fairgrounds offer a veritable food bonanza. Sure, the old standbys will return.

Dough, sliced potatoes and maybe butter will be fried. But some new items hoping to wow fairgoers include stuffed hot pepper mac and cheese, an Italian sausage lollipop, and homemade kettle corn ice cream.

Here is a look at some of the new food.

Buffalo Wing Cheese: Atop the list of new deep-fried options is Buffalo Wing Cheese from Yancey’s Fancy, the cheese shop based in Corfu. It’s hand-dipped in cornmeal, fried and served on a stick with a side of blue cheese dressing.

A fried favorite took home Best New Food at the Fair last year — Deep Fried Bologna Bites — so there’s a good chance Yancey’s gets some fancy new accolades this summer.

Crab stuffed mushroom perogies: Vegetable-stuffed perogies topped with crabmeat and a special sauce from Babcia’s Pierogi.

Crabmeat-stuffed pierogi are another new food at the Erie County Fair. (via ECF)

Balsamic bruschetta: One lighter option is this balsamic bruschetta on rustic flatbread from Salvatore’s Pizza. Fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and Parmesan cheese on top of hand-tossed flatbread offer a filling but healthy alternative to the many fried foods there to tempt you.

Balsamic bruschetta on rustic flatbread is among the new foods at the Erie County Fair. (Ryan Nagelhout/Special to The News)

Stuffed hot pepper mac and cheese: Mineo & Sapio paired its Italian sausage in a subtle but tasty new stuffed hot pepper mac and cheese, which features Romano and Gouda sauce that’s creamy with just a hint of pepper heat.

Stuffed pepper mac and cheese - with Mineo & Sapio sausage - will test taste buds at the Fair. (Ryan Nagelhout/Special to The News)

Famous Deer Burger Deluxe: Big G’s Concession might have the most intriguing new dish, a twist on the original 1855 angus burger recipe that includes a different protein. The Famous Deer Burger Deluxe is made with venison and is surprisingly juicy despite being a leaner, healthier burger option.

The original burger recipe featured at last year’s fair had coffee hints, and this burger’s recipe mirrors that but is tweaked to balance out the deer flavor nicely. The deluxe burger is topped with coleslaw and barbecue sauce and is served with a side of fries.

The 1885-inspired angus burger with brown sugar and coffee grounds with a surprise added spice twist this year from Weidner's BBQ. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Death By Chocolate: This is one dessert sure to kill. Taylor’s Doughboy has created a chocolate-based funnel cake topped with peanut butter, powdered sugar, chocolate fudge, whipped cream and mini chocolate chips.

Nuttella: Another new favorite for the dessert set will be the Nuttella, a doughnut made by Pizza Amore fried in ricotta batter and topped with Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut-based spread.

Pizza Amore's ricotta batter is part of Nuttella, which does in fact include the hazelnut spread. (via ECF)

Kettle Corn Ice Cream: Polar Bear Ice Cream’s new kettle corn ice cream is placed between two Krispy Kreme donuts and frozen before dipped in dark chocolate, rolled in popped kettle corn and drizzled with salty caramel and chocolate.

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