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Letter: Many are disappointed with Trump’s LGBT rule

Many are disappointed with Trump’s LGBT rule

I am disappointed that The News ran the headline: “Trump angers LGBT community, bars transgender people from U.S. military.” This headline implies, at least to me, that only LGBT people are angry or upset with President Trump’s decision. Clearly, a good number of non-LGBT people are equally concerned by the president’s irresponsible tweets regarding transgender people. It appears to me that this president, once again, is playing to his base, nurturing strains of homophobia, getting more attention than he deserves and distracting from his ignorance of how to function as the head of the executive branch of our government.

I am encouraged by the headline to the Another Voice by Michael R. Bloomberg: “Ban on transgender personnel is disrespectful,” which includes the statement: “Most of all, Trump’s tweeted ban smacks disrespect for the military’s careful process, for the value of political deliberation, for the American ideal of equality.” Here the headline relates more accurately to the article it identifies.

John Rex


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