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Buffalo man says estranged wife accused of dumping daughter's body must have 'snapped'

A Buffalo man said his estranged wife must have snapped after she was accused by police of dumping their 11-year-old daughter's dead body in West Virginia after driving for two days with the corpse.

Donath Plummer told WJXT4, a Jacksonville, Fla., television station, that seeing his wife's mug shot made him think something had pushed Erica T. Newsome over the edge.

"I can't even wrap my head around what even would have made [my wife] snap," Plummer told the station. "That's exactly what the mugshot looked like. Something pushed her over the edge and she snapped."

The Buffalo News could not reach Plummer to comment.

Plummer told the Jacksonville station he and Newsome got married in 2007 and were separated two years later.

Plummer also told WJXT4 that Newsome and their daughter, Kaye-lea Plummer, moved to Jacksonville in 2014 and he had not seen them since, though he did keep in touch over the phone. He told the television station he received a text from Newsome on Saturday saying she was bringing their daughter to Buffalo.

Police told him on Sunday his daughter was dead and Newsome was incarcerated, Plummer said in the interview.

According to the Pocahontas Times in West Virginia, police believe Newsome had just crossed into the state when she struck a guardrail Sunday morning. Occupants of another vehicle told police they saw Newsome take a body out of the vehicle and drag it over an embankment, the Times reported.

West Virginia State Police said Newsome and the girl's body were found on an old logging road, according to the newspaper. Police said the girl did not die as a result of any injuries suffered in the crash.

Investigators said they believed the girl died in Jacksonville and had been dead at least 24 hours when she was found.

Newsome has been charged with concealment of a dead body, according to authorities, and is being held in jail in West Virginia while an investigation continues into the girl's death.

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