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Letter: Buffalo needs to reject use of red light cameras

Buffalo needs to reject use of red light cameras

I drive in Rochester nightly and have had bad experiences with the city’s now discontinued red light cameras.

My employer received a notification that one of the company vehicles had “violated” a red light and even supplied a still photo of the “violation.” The date, time and vehicle traced back to me, but I visited the location and remembered that I had, in fact, made a right turn on red that night. My boss appealed to the Traffic Bureau, but the response was to show an earlier still photo of my front bumper – about 6 inches over the front end of the 6-foot wide pedestrian crossing lane. “We consider this an equal violation of the red light and suggest you not appeal this because your fine is ready to double.”

Photos that can be framed to ensure your guilt are not a fair system. Rochester dumped this system because lawyers were winning a high percentage of appeals and the system was considered as almost a RICO operation. Bring this to Buffalo and it will be the same system – slanted to affect the poor people who can’t afford an attorney. Don’t do it!

Jack Hoelscher


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