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Letter: Amazon is wiping out millions of U.S. jobs

Amazon is wiping out millions of U.S. jobs

The Amazon River in Africa is certainly a beautiful sight to behold, excluding poisonous snakes and other deathly matters. Our own Amazon, a shopping conglomerate, is also a beautiful piece of work, but woe to the economic poisons it could spread.

In most recent news releases, Amazon is riding high on a hiring campaign, offering another 160,000 jobs. It will not have a problem filling them since 460,000 brick-and-mortar retail jobs have been lost in the last year. At this rate of three jobs lost to one created, it could cost America 10 million jobs.

Not only does online shopping eliminate retail jobs, it lowers government income/sales tax collections as stores are shuttered.

Amazon continues to develop autonomous vehicles to include commerce jobs, which could cost America another 10 million jobs. Continuing research to develop robotics could also rob our economy of another 10 million human service replacement jobs.

Some advice to those who are currently serving the needs of Americans in Congress: Please move on from being overreactive and redundantly boring on rehashed issues and move forward to develop a more proactive force to keep jobs for American citizens and keep our economy strong.

Russell D. Ward


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