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Letter: Opposition to president is rooted in bad policies

Opposition to president is rooted in bad policies

Inherent in the phrase “opposition to Trump” are opposition to the following, of which there are many more:

Use of the presidency to enrich oneself and one’s family. The fear that this is occurring could be eliminated by releasing tax returns, divesting profit-making businesses or putting them in an absolute blind trust.

Privatizing the war in Afghanistan, as suggested by Trump transition adviser, donor and founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince.

Using the threat of terrorism to justify blocking entry of refugees who suffer indescribable horrors. We are abdicating our moral authority by not aiding them. They are being strictly vetted before being admitted.

Demonizing undocumented workers, though evidence shows immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the U.S. We do not assume all Americans are criminals because one commits a crime.

Slashing the EPA budget and regulations under the pretense of helping small businesses. A small business can employ 1,500 people, have $3.5 million in annual receipts and petroleum refiners can refine 200,000 barrels a day. This is not your local gas station owner, farmer or plumber.

Supporting authoritarian leaders who jail or kill their opponents, erode the authority of their justice system, impose martial law and attempt to silence free speech.

Believing that government is inherently bad. Ineffective, corrupt, paranoid, greedy leaders should be distrusted, investigated and removed from office. It is up to us as citizens to elect well-informed, transparent, honest leaders, or to run for office ourselves if we think there is a lack of qualified candidates.

Ann Williams

Grand Island

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