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Letter: Do not waste millions on Skyway; just raze it

Do not waste millions on Skyway; just raze it

I highly applaud Rep. Brian Higgins for his stance on the removal of the Skyway. As a retired Region 5 New York State Department of Transportation regional planning and development engineer, I believe the purpose for the bridge is no longer. Major lake trans-shipping left us in the mid-1960s. The bridge’s structural architecture is appalling, and its transportation services no longer meet the existing and future adjacent land uses. The regional transportation infrastructure has the capacity to take care of the regional needs.

The Skyway is not in the cards for Western New York’s dynamic future. It’s not like this question wasn’t asked before. The City of Buffalo had two consultant studies considering low-level bridge replacements. One of them almost went to construction. Don’t let all the state and federal bridge replacement money again go to downstate and New York City. File a legal injunction against the DOT on this proposed project, form coalitions against it and write to officials expressing your strong concerns. The future of Western New York “is legally in your hands” on this project; don’t let go of it.

Joe Tocke


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