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Bucky Gleason's Power Take: MLB should consider shorter season, longer playoffs

A quick look at the baseball standings Monday revealed 10 of the 15 teams in the American League either had the division lead or were within 3½ games of a wild-card spot about 50 games remaining. Four teams play in the AL East, and the last-place Blue Jays were only 5½ games back of the final playoff spot.

It has been 23 years since Major League Baseball implemented wild cards into the playoff system with one extra team and five years since it included two extra teams from each league. If they were really smart, MLB executives would consider shortening the regular season to 154 games and expanding the playoffs.

Adding more teams to the postseason would inject more excitement into playoff races, and it would happen sooner. The National League is all but decided after the top teams pulled away from the pack. Arizona was 15½ games behind the Dodgers in the NL West but held a wild-card spot Monday.

Like all sports, baseball reaches a wider audience in the postseason. MLB should give fans more of what they want while sharing playoff profits with each other. Granted, it would affect single-season records for 162 games, but who are we kidding? They're already tainted.

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