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What They Said: Sean McDermott, Shaq Lawson, Jordan Poyer, Mike Tolbert, Tre'Davious White, Jerel Worthy

Transcripts from Day Eight of Bills camp:

Coach Sean McDermott:

Opening Statement: Alright just an injury update here, to get started here. Philly Brown no change with the illness, he’ll be out. Cordy Glenn no change with the foot soreness, he’ll be out. Ian Seau will also miss this evening’s practice. Micah (Hyde) with the hip, Colt Anderson no change. Greg Mabin tweaked his hamstring, he will miss tonight’s practice. And then Kyle Williams will get the veterans night off at this point. Just the update weather-wise, you heard just as well as I did, we’re going to delay it at this point in time. Hopefully, with this system coming through, we’ll get a chance to get out there. That’s the goal at this point. So, it helps us with our adaptability and I’m sure this won’t be the only time we go through something like this during the season so it’ll be a dry run for us.

Q: In that sense, how does that help? To so your team and how everybody kind of reacts to something that is essentially not going to count in the win/loss column.

A: Right. There’s always things that come out in the season that aren’t in the little head coach’s notebook that they give out from the league, right? So, that’s an important part of a good football team and a good team in general that we can be adaptable to whatever situation is in front of us and this one is no different. It’s a good opportunity for us to check in on that in things, and make sure that we can handle sometimes the little challenges that come up along the way. And who knows what the next one will be? But, good teams can overcome challenges like this.

Q: Has Cordy (Glenn) been evaluated further? Do you have more of a timetable on his situation?

A: Cordy went and got a second opinion down in—ended up going down to Charlotte and was evaluated by Bob Anderson down there. He’s got some soreness. We’re going to hold him out tonight. Have to plan to look forward at this point. We’re just going to take it day-to-day at this point.

Q: Have you ruled out surgery on that?

A: Too early at this point. Too early.

Q: So, as far as your plan and time table go, do you expect him back to practice sooner than later.

A: We do. Yes, we do.

Q: Coach, your two cornerbacks: [Ronald] Darby and [Tre’Davious] White. [They’ve been] taking snaps on either side of the field. I’m just curious if you have a philosophy on that where once you have roles determined, each guy will stay to their respective side, so to speak, or are you open to facilitating matchups and following people in games?

A: Yeah, we’re looking at all of that. Everything you mentioned there, we’re evaluating that. Certainly, I’ve been around corners before where that particular corner played better on the left side or better on the right side, and so you want to always be trying to do – keep the players in a position to be successful. We feel that both of those young men can go to either side, and so that opens up the chance of doing some of the matching up and whatnot. So, it’s really too early to tell at this time. The good part is we feel good about both of them being interchangeable parts, like I’ve mentioned before, so that works to our advantage.

Q: Rod Streater’s a guy that seems like he’s consistently made plays for you day in and day out since the start of camp. How impressed have you been with him thus far and where do you see him fitting in with that wide receiver kind of position?

A: Yeah, I would agree. He’s done a nice job. He’s one of the highlights of camp so far. Big, strong wide receiver – he did a nice job of digesting the system in a short amount of time. His role on not only the offense but also special teams, factors into the entire evaluation. He’s done a nice job. I look forward to continuing to watch him and I’m excited about what he’s done so far.

Q: When it came to Cordy Glenn to go down to Charlotte, was that the team’s decision or was that his decision?

A: It was his decision.

Q: And, obviously, you guys approved that.

A: Sure.

Q: Is that a bone issue, a ligament issue with his foot?

A: I don’t want to get into specifics at this time. It’s just general foot soreness at this point in time.

Q: You had Seantrel [Henderson] kind of working in there for Cordy, but he’s also going to be missing the early part of the season so what is the backup plan there, behind Seantrel? Is Dion [Dawkins] a guy that will also get some work there?

A: Well, you go back to the spring when we worked Dion over on the left side so we built a foundation over there with Dion. We know we’ve got Jordan [Mills] on the right side and Michael Ola’s done a nice job to this point in camp so we’ve got some depth at that position. [We] certainly want Cordy to be healthy and play up to his potential and he can do that when he’s healthy, so we’re going to take of this and then we’ll look to move forward.

Defensive End Shaq Lawson

Q: When did your injury come up for the first time?
A: Today.

Q: When did you feel it?
A: Today.

Q: No, I mean like – how far into practice did you feel it?
A: I can’t really remember. I guess it was the last time I was out there. It’s nothing serious though, you know?

Q: Did they let you know if you’re coming back tomorrow or anything like that?
A: No, I just took the day off. I took the day off, I practiced, and they just shut me down. That’s all it is – they just shut me down.

Q: What was the atmosphere like, being in here even with the weather?
A: Oh, it was great. I mean, we know we got a lot of Bills fans coming [to] support us [in] rain, snow, sleet – so it was just great to have the support by the fans.

S Jordan Poyer

Q: Talk about being able to be in front of fans and to be able to interact with them here in preseason.

A: Like you said, these fans are great, they’re excited for football season – they’ve been waiting a whole six, seven months for the season to start. You can tell by the attendance today. [Even in this rain/storm]. we got this kind of attendance, it was kind of an electric atmosphere. Like I said, I can’t wait for next Thursday.

Q: For you guys, rain obviously, delaying you guys – also some different issues caused by that thunderstorm that came through – was it a little slippery, and what were the conditions out on the field?

A: The conditions I think were fine, a little rain never hurts. We have to use this stadium to our advantage, come winter time, we know there’s going to be rain, we know it’s going to be cold – if we can just embrace the atmosphere and use it to our advantage, it’s going to help us tremendously.

Q: Is this giving you a good preview of what this is actually going to be like in about five weeks here?

A: I think there will be a little more fans here. Definitely, like you said, they’re excited, it’s electric. Football season is here, and the Bills fans are ready.

FB Mike Tolbert

Q: First time in this stadium – I know it’s just a practice – as a member of the Bills what was it like?

A: It was fun; Rain was coming down all day, but to see all these fans still here supporting us, it’s a great feeling, I’m excited for the season.

Q: I know you knew about the fan base from being on the other team – seeing it, even in just this small setting with all this inclement weather – did it even take you back a bit?

A: It does, it makes you realize how special it is – the character of this city, the character of the organization. These fans are unbelievable – you hear about it for so long, but once you actually get here and be a part of it, it’s a tremendous feeling.

CB Tre’Davious White

Q: What was it like walking out of that tunnel for the first time? I know it’s not a game, it’s still practice, but did the blood flow a little bit more here?
A: Every time I get on the field, my blood is flowing. I get the opportunity to do something that I love to do. It’s definitely a plus when you get great fans to cheer you on in each and every play. It’s definitely a plus and I’m looking forward to the season.

Q: Is this a nice break from Rochester to just get up here and kind of changing up the pace?
A: The pace has been full speed every day. I feel like with the change, with the diversity in the weather and stuff, I feel like as a team, we did a great job of adapting to the situation and continuing to get our work done and coming out full speed and getting better.

Q: Were you impressed with the number of people who came out on a pretty rotten night?
A: I knew what to expect. They’re coming out in six feet of snow, so I know they’re going to be here with a little rain. I knew they were going to be here and I was ready for it and it’s definitely a plus to see that. It was an exciting thing. 

DT Jerel Worthy

Q: Mike Waufle has been one of my favorite coaches since he coached up that New York Giants defense back in ’08. What is it like learning from a guy –I mean everyone has seen him on Hard Knocks-- who is that intense and kind of teaches that aggressive physicality? What’s it like having a position coach like that?
A: Man, it’s phenomenal. You see what you see on Hard Knocks, but behind the scenes when were in the classroom he’s really an intelligent person, gives us a chance to be ourselves and play within our scheme. He works towards our strengths instead of trying to correct what going wrong. He tells us to constantly get better at what we’re good at and just keep attacking, man he never wants to take a guy out of what they’re good and just allows you to hunt and that’s what’s phenomenal about this defense. The more chances we get to hunt and have fun and get the ball out fast it’s definitely great for us.

Q: It’s got to be easy to go to work like that for a guy as intense as Mike Waufle, huh?
A: Absolutely man. He just demands excellence. He tells us we can be one the best in the game, we firmly believe it and up front we just try to work like that every day. At the end of the day, the track record is proven. If you got a four guys up front – five, six, seven guys who can rush the passer, you can take a team deep in the playoffs.

Transcripts courtesy of the Buffalo Bills

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