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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending May 26, 2017.

• 2232 Ridge Road, Ann E. Hergert; Roger F. Hergert to Patrick W. Gannon, $185,000.
• 881-883 Pletcher Road, John R. Kloosterman; Kristen Kloosterman; Paul A. Kloosterman to Joshua Ryan; Tiffany L. Ryan, $130,000.

• 515 Locust St., Michael A. Dascoli to Estates At Locust Gardens, $2,415,966.
• 95 North Transit & 151 & 351 Gooding St & 223 Church St & 416 Walnut, George Wiley; George Wiley III; George W. Wiley III to Mak Re, $207,500.
• 126 Gooding St & 189 Genesee St., George Wiley to Mak Re, $95,500.
• 100 Prentice St., Mark W. Rivera to Ryan J. Duffy, $67,000.
• 11 Beattie Ave., Raymond H. Larkin to Pamela Conway, $54,500.

• 6544 Wills Hollow, Daniel J. Altieri to Edward M. Bradfuhrer; Mary K. Bradfuhrer, $261,500.
• 517 78th St., Vera Gassner; Vera L. Gassner to Christiana Trust -Tr; Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb -Tr, $108,067.
• 757 Van Rensselaer Ave., Champion Mortgage Co /att; Nationstar Mortgage /att; Single Source Property Solutions -Att to WNY Property Er, $87,900.
• 315 75th St., James H. Fadel; Rosemarie Fadel to Jacob R. Johnston, $84,000.
• 120 81st St., Melanie Bunce; Melanie A. Bunce to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $47,796.
• 2637 Porter Road, Michael Naccarato to Vmc Group, $45,000.
• 147 74th St., Michael C. Naccarato to Vmc Group, $43,000.
• 6 C St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to David Ramirez, $22,000.
• 1789 Welch Ave., Fannie Mae to Shahnaoz Rahman, $19,581.

• 1643 Nash Road, David D. Hill Jr.; Rebecca L. Hill to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $192,235.
• 128 Forbes Terrace, Mallory M. Luksch; Mallory M. Niziol to Michael Myers; Kelsey Sullivan, $155,000.
• 127 Rumbold Ave., Paul J. Simonetti III to Matthew L. Parish, $65,000.
• 63 Stenzil St., Edward Jordan to Ali F. Khudair, $18,001.

• 1 Main St Unit #24, John W. Owen; Margaret C. Owen to Carlton M Smith Living Trust, $170,000.

• 3520 West Lake Road, Caliber Real Estate Services -Att; US Bank Trust NA -Tr/att; Volt Asset Holdings Trust /att to Tom Durow, $31,649.

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