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Editorial: Bits and pieces from the news

Hurray for the Ice Creamcycle Dude, the bicycle-borne provider of ice cream to underprivileged kids. James Karagiannis has found in this gesture of humanity what so many seek and many never find: life’s purpose.

Karagiannis was profiled in The News last year for giving away ice cream to kids who couldn’t afford to pay him the buck. But he attached a string to the treat: the kids have to write a thank-you postcard to the people who donated to the cause. Karagiannis has been on a roll this year, thanks to $36,000 in donations by folks from Australia to the Virgin Islands.

So much money rolled in that Karagiannis stopped accepting donations in June. He and his team of 10 workers have been busily giving away ice cream.

Say it: The Ice Creamcycle Dude is cool.

Family days at the neighborhood bingo hall have long been a staple of charitable organizations – and American households, where kids often joined parents or grandparents on a night out.

That is about to change, with a new state law bringing the minimum age for bingo in line with other forms of legal gambling. But bingo is hardly in the same category as slot machines or horse racing.

We’ll wager that there is little to fear if moms or grandmas take the kids along while they play. Make this right.

We’ve sung the praises of chicken wings for decades, and now it’s come back to bite us. We willingly shared this delicious snack with the world, and the result is a shortage and soaring prices.

What was once a 10-for-a-dollar excuse to keep you drinking beer now has restaurants getting about $12 for a plate of 10.

There should either be a price break on wings shipped to Buffalo, or scientists have to figure out how to breed chickens with enough wings for a full order.

And in the future, let’s keep quiet about sponge candy, beef on weck and loganberry. We don’t need to set off another run on a local delicacy.

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