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Big Brother Blog: The plot thickens

One of the guiltiest of summer TV's guilty pleasures is the latest season of "Big Brother" on CBS. The show, in which a group of strangers live together in a home under constant surveillance and compete with each other for a chance to win $500,000, has a local twist this year: Mark Jansen of Grand Island is one of the houseguests. This blog will keep readers up to date periodically throughout the summer and track Jansen's prospects for the big payday.

The upshot: Paul had won the head of household competition putting him back in power for the week. Although she didn’t have to reveal it, Jessica shared that she had the power to keep her and Cody safe from eviction, thanks to her possession of the "Halting Hex." Paul believed that she was bluffing and decided to make Jessica prove her words by putting her and Cody on the block to be potential candidates for eviction.

In the first “temptation competition,” another twist for the summer, houseguests can choose if they want to  compete or not. Compete and come in first place and you are safe from eviction for the week. But, compete and come in last place, and you are an automatic third nominee up on the block for the week with the chance to go home.

Big Brother Blog: Mark stays alive, but could be in jeopardy

After Mark, Jason, Alex and Matt were tempted to compete, Jason couldn’t stand the task of spinning in circles 15 times and trying to knock over pins by bowling a ball up a ramp. He was put up as the special third nominee. Mark secured his safety in the house for one more week. With Jason, Jessica and Cody on the block, the power of veto competition was played. Paul, the holder of all of the power for the week, continued this streak by winning this competition. With the additional power, he decided to take Jason off the block.

After a nasty exchange between Paul and Cody over Paul saying “lower your voice” to Jessica, everyone in the house tried to convince Jessica to save her power so the house could vote out Cody, once and for all. (He was voted out once before, but won a competition to get back in.)

Jessica was torn between her relationship with Cody and having a fair opportunity to make it far in this game knowing that while Cody is in the house, he is poison to her game. Paul’s attempt to persuade Jessica into a deal ended badly when Jessica realized Cody is the only person in the house she can trust.

On Thursday night, Jessica finally used her temptation, which meant there was no eviction this week. In a live Head of Household competition, Josh’s putt gave him the highest score and power over the house for the week.

Mark Watch: The spotlight hasn’t shied away from Mark as he was able to keep himself safe and survive yet another week in the house. Since he has shown his alliance to Cody by voting against the house, many of his housemates -- including Josh -- have made it clear that they don’t plan on protecting him in the game for much longer.

Josh gets under people’s skin; he almost got into a physical altercation with Mark. In an emotional conversation with a camera in the house, Mark revealed that he was bullied as a child and can’t stand how many of his housemates act in the house, being a representation of what he dealt with growing up.

Mark’s emotional side continues to be exposed throughout the game as he continues trying to prove his love for the people he can trust and his love for this game. Mark said he knows his name is being used often in the house and not in a way that he is comfortable with.

Although choosing to compete in the “temptation competition” has its clear risks, Mark made the right decision Sunday, claiming first place. This ensured that he was safe for another week and no one could put him on the block to go home.

What’s Next? More drama. (Isn't that the point?) With Josh in power, it’s easy to see more attempts at getting Jessica and Cody out of the house. Mark’s relationship with Josh is not something you would call a friendship, so it's no sure thing that he will still be in this game for the weeks ahead.

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