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Letter: Trump could learn a lot from Truman

Trump could learn a lot from Truman

President Harry Truman had two sayings that could apply to President Trump: “The buck stops here” and “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Truman was often criticized, but he understood it was part of the job. He also knew not to blame others when things went wrong. He took responsibility as president.

Truman was a feisty guy, like Trump. He was known as “Give ’em hell, Harry.” But he didn’t whine and yell, “not fair!” and “fake news!” when he was criticized.

Trump could learn much from Truman, who was the last president with only a high school diploma. He didn’t go to college, but he had a lot of street smarts that he used when he became president.

Joyce L. Wilson


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