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Letter: President’s behavior sets a poor example

President’s behavior sets a poor example

One week of examples: President Trump speaks to a group of Boy Scouts sarcastically about government rather than inspiring them to one day aspire to government service. He speaks to a group of police officers, effectively telling them he is fine with them roughing up suspects despite all the issues we are having in this country right now. How demeaning to the police departments trying to make community policing work. He spends the week on social media bad-mouthing his attorney general for doing what is legally correct rather than speaking to him professionally. He tweets about preventing a group of Americans who want to defend this country from doing so because he doesn’t like their sexual orientation. I keep hearing his surrogates say “Let Trump be Trump.” Well, that certainly is happening. But is he a role model? I say a definite “no.”

Donna Lee Denz


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