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Jeffrey Gundlach is on Twitter and it is hilarious

Jeffrey Gundlach, the multi-billionaire bond trader who is funding the expansion of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, joined Twitter on May 8.

He follows no one.

His bio lists him as a fan of the Bills, art and truth.

And he has sent out only 70 tweets since launching his account. But if you want to get a sense of the Buffalo-born philanthropist's personality, his Twitter timeline reveals plenty. And like most things Gundlach, it contains a lot of surprises.

Some of the hallmarks of @TruthGundlach – his fierce critiques of the press for clickbait articles like this one; his derision of "mega-losers"; his chummy portraits with the likes of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci – might remind readers of a certain prominent politician's feed.

When Gundlach set up his Twitter account, people doubted it was him:

But he soon began his merciless critique of the financial press:

When people take issue with Gundlach's financial savvy, he reminds them of certain things:

And he has an abiding love for his hometown, which he calls "God's Country," and some of its famous former residents:

This one didn't age well:

Take a gander at Gundlach's timeline and respond, if you dare. Just be ready for a harsh burn or two.

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