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Letter: Trump should serve country, not himself

Trump should serve country, not himself

Our president, who was elected into office by the Electoral College, is trying to run our government like he runs his businesses. While you can use some business principles in government, government has a very different function than business.

It has been reported that Donald Trump has had 30 businesses fail and six bankruptcies. He is now using our government to serve him and his family members and feather their respective nests. As our president, he should be serving our country.

Based on his actions and words, I don’t believe Trump would be able to pass a psychological test. Newsreels demonstrate that he lies and changes his position on a variety of matters on a daily basis. Simultaneously, he claims he is the best at everything, even when proven to the contrary. The people of America deserve a president who acts in their interests, not his own.

Charles Krathaus Jr.


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