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Letter: College-educated class is not ruining America

College-educated class is not ruining America

I have two master’s degrees and freely admit that I, too, would have been intimidated by the menu at the gourmet sandwich shop mentioned as case in point by New York Times columnist David Brooks in his column, “How the college-educated class is ruining America.” I had to look up soppressata.

Although I agree with Brooks that zoning restrictions are unfair and that school tax revenues should be more evenly distributed to improve public schools and level the college admissions playing field, his claim that the “educated class” has created barriers to “the rest of America” is not entirely true. If there are barriers to college admission, the blame goes directly to Congress members who have cut scholarships and federal support to the nation’s colleges, only to convert that money to corporate welfare. The current Congress needs to quit whining about the previous administration and get to work on fixing that, among other things.

However, more chilling is the article headline. Oppressive regimes must always start by going after the educated citizenry, because they are most likely to recognize that political oppression is happening, and rally opposition to it. Brooks, who also knows that the second group targeted by rogue governments is journalists, might want to identify his opponents more accurately. Finally, both Brooks and The Buffalo News editors would do well to remember that the “college-educated class” are also the folks who buy and read newspapers. Not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you.

Maureen Bernas


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