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Letter: A breath of fresh air for Buffalo parkgoers

A breath of fresh air for Buffalo parkgoers

Recently, the Buffalo Common Council took a step in the right direction by moving forward with a policy that would prohibit smoking in the majority of space in city parks. This is a win for everyone in the City of Good Neighbors, including smokers.

This policy will keep cigarette butts off of the ground, where they take over 25 years to decompose and are readily picked up by animals and small children.

It will help keep the air cleaner by keeping secondhand smoke away from people who are easily affected by it or who just don’t want to smell it.

Smokers win, too, because the policy is not one that says, “you are a bad person for smoking” but rather one that pushes and empowers smokers to quit – something that over two-thirds of smokers want to do.

As a lifelong nonsmoker who has seen loved ones pass from smoking-related diseases, I am proud of my city for taking the health of all citizens into consideration with this policy. I hope that the city can quickly move forward with implementing the policy, and is compassionate and supportive to those who choose to quit smoking.

The city should be commended for moving forward with a policy that helps our environment and our citizens.

Thomas Forrester

Smoking Cessation Associate

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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