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Just the smell of the Falls sewage discharge chased away food stand customers

None of them could see the problem, but they sure could smell it.

"I couldn't even smell the food," said Makaela Molly, who works at a NY Pizza stand on Prospect Street. "The only thing I could smell was sewage."

Molly didn't see the black blob seeping into the Niagara River over the weekend, and neither did any of her food stand neighbors, who are set up in a string across from Niagara Falls State Park.

But they noticed some unusual things, including the smell, on Saturday and Sunday.

People were sitting at the tables in front of the stands waiting for buses, but no one was eating, Molly said. On Saturday, she said, the stand took in around $300. It usually makes about $800.

Chris Kerr, owner of a Howie Rolls food truck next door, took a harder financial hit.

Black sewage blob gives Niagara Falls a PR black eye

On an average Saturday, he said, he would have made about $800 by 2 p.m. At that time this past Saturday, he had only taken in $47.

Kerr shook his head and was speechless for about a minute as he looked at a photo of the Niagara Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant sewage dump from Saturday.

"There has to be better regulations," he finally said. "That's sickening, that that came out of there."

Sellers were upset about the timing of the sewage dump and how it could further affect business.

"This is a disgrace, this is lost business," said Maricela Levine, a lemonade stand manager.

"I'm sure they're allowed to do it, but the only thing is, when?" asked one stand owner. "Do you do it right in the tourist season and scare the hell out of them?"

DEC on Niagara Falls sewer gunk: 'Discharge clearly violated water quality standards'

Molly said an incident like last weekend's sewage discharge can especially hurt small food businesses because of how surrounding smells can taint people's sense of taste.

"That's absolutely awful," she said of the dump. "People aren't going to want to come here."

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