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Letter: SAFE Act isn’t making New Yorkers any safer

SAFE Act isn’t making New Yorkers any safer

A writer to The News wrote that he chuckled when he passed “Repeal the SAFE Act” signs. I laugh when I hear people who think they are safer because some corrupt politicians wrote something on a piece of paper. The compliance rate for rifles and magazines was, at most, 5 percent. That was after a legal fight using Freedom of Information Act laws, because New York State would not release the numbers.

The ammo background check never was, nor will be, implemented. Do you really believe all private sales of guns are going through checks? It seems to be business as usual as far as I have heard. Lifetime pistol permits look like they may become five-year permits. When is the last time you heard of a pistol permit holder being charged with a murder, or a semiautomatic rifle being used in a murder in New York State? Maybe 20 years ago? So Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed a law penalizing the least likely people to be involved in crimes, and a rifle almost never used in crimes. FBI stats back that up. Criminals could not care less to begin with.

I’m not sure what study the writer referenced that found New York is the third-safest state. Every study I saw had New York in the middle of the pack. Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire were always in the top 5. They all allow so-called assault rifles and large capacity magazines. Vermont doesn’t even have a pistol permit, and it is always ranked No. 1.

It was a political move by Cuomo to be first at something for when he runs for president. Between the SAFE Act flop, the Buffalo Billion corruption, losing Indian casino payments and SolarCity’s coming disappointment, he will be lucky to remain governor next year.

Dave Petrie


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