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Letter: Brown should have fired Housing Authority chief

Brown should have fired Housing Authority chief

Mayor Byron Brown, once again, reacts. Myself and others have been writing to this column complaining of the inequities of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority for years. The News has written numerous articles and editorials condemning the management and its use of funds. Various television, radio and TV news stations have chimed in with derogatory commentary about the authority and finally the mayor reacts. There is not a proactive bone in the man’s body.

Now, to top things off, he leaves the biggest culprit, director Dawn Sanders-Garrett, in place. As long as she is in charge, I guarantee that nothing will change. If you want to cure the problem, you have to cut off the head, no if, ands or buts.

To bolster my case, I point to an instance this past weekend, where a tenant was locked out of her apartment, sought help, but couldn’t get any because the tenants are left on their own to solve any emergencies. There is an emergency phone number that we are supposed to call that directs the caller to call 911. That’s right, an emergency number to call an emergency number.

John F. Nostrant


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