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Letter: Trump isn’t interested in truth about election

Trump isn’t interested in truth about election

2016 proved to be a banner year for allegations of election-related fraud. These allegations fall into three categories.

Our president has insisted since Election Day that he would have won the popular vote if not for the “millions” of ineligible voters who voted against him. This claim flies in the face of the fact that there have been exactly four proven instances of voter fraud in the presidential election. Not 4 million. Not 4,000. Not 400. Four.

Trump has appointed an Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in an effort to substantiate his claim. The commission has demanded that every state provide a plethora of information on every registered voter. Understandably 40 of 50 states have balked at this draconian request.

The second category is Russian interference in the presidential campaign. The U.S. intelligence community is unanimous in concluding that Vladimir Putin and his cronies did in fact meddle in a big way, by releasing illegally obtained emails and planting false and defamatory stories about Hillary Clinton. Pretty much everyone who has examined the evidence concurs that this represents an unprecedented assault on the electoral process by a hostile government. The one glaring exception is President Trump. He has shown an amazing indifference to getting to the bottom of this story. And his Election Integrity Commission has no plans to do so either.

The third category involves a protracted effort by Republicans to suppress and dilute the votes of people likely to vote Democrat. This has been a two-pronged approach involving onerous voter identification rules targeting populations such as racial minorities, and gerrymandering voting districts to ensure that Republican officials are elected disproportionately to the percentage of Republican voters. Predictably, this also is an issue that the Election Integrity Commission has no interest in studying.

Joe Gerken


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