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Letter: SAFE Act should spur voters to make changes

SAFE Act should spur voters to make changes

Another voice heard from regarding the NY SAFE Act, and another liberty taken with the facts surrounding passage of this legislation. Let’s start with the fact that this was passed as a “message of necessity,” so there was no input from outside the Legislature. No consideration for the honest, legal owners of firearms or the effect that this legislation could have on a person’s Second Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States. This flawed legislation was immediately criticized by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, which urged its repeal.

Others urged repeal of this legislation, and a majority of the state’s county legislatures passed resolutions calling for its repeal. Why then has repeal not happened? The answer is simple: The leaders of the State Legislature refused to even consider any bills to repeal the SAFE Act, and refused to allow them to come out of committee and reach the floor for consideration or debate. This highlights the “three men in a room” mentality that is so pervasive in our state government.

Honest, hardworking people, sportsmen and others concerned with the rights of the people have little if any say in the activities of the leaders in state government. It’s small wonder that New York State is considered high on the list of corrupt governments. The state is run by the governor, speaker and majority leader, and as long as the people of New York State are not going to the voting booths to replace them, nothing will change. The SAFE Act may indeed have a positive effect, as it may give incentive to the honest gun owners and others concerned with the loss of their rights to go to the polls next year and make some changes.

Paul J. Ziolkowski


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